Where did I go?

Where have I been? I have even been asking myself that! I started 2018 with a vision and new path that I was going to take with my life, and then life ended up having a different path for me. haha! I started the year with lots of personal care goals, and fun ideas for creating a blog, and it got a little derailed in May when we closed on an investment we made into a business and then the plan for the business, didn’t go according to plan. haha! So we have ended up working full time to get this business updated and working again, and it has literally consumed our lives 24/7 ever since. So needless to say, there hasn’t been any self care going on and obviously no time for blogging or doing photography. BUT here we are, and we are moving in a good direction with our business… Infact, the opportunity presented itself several months ago to be able to add a second venue, and that has been very exciting!! Its an amazing venue, and we honestly can’t wait to open the doors in December 2018.

So what is it this new business? We invested in a Wedding and Event business. There are a lot of moving parts to this business, and we have been trying to consolidate everything under the name Knot & Pine Weddings and Events. Our primary Venue is a place called 5th East Hall in  American Fork. This venue also has a Bed & Breakfast attached, that includes 5 themed suites. So it makes for a great place for guests to stay after their reception, or come back to celebrate their anniversary or other special occasion.

Our business also offers other services like Catering, Floral, and we honestly makes the yummiest cakes! We do wedding cakes, or cakes for any other special event. We also do event rentals, like tables, chairs, linens, ceiling and wall panels and lighting etc. Basically anything you need for a wedding, we can do it! And now we are adding this second venue at the Alpine Barn, in Alpine Utah. The space is currently under going construction, so follow along our Instagram account @knotandpine for fun updates on that. If your a interior design lover like myself, you’ll love following along the transformation of both of these spaces! Theres a lot to do, but transforming a space, is something I love doing!

So anyway, so thats where I have been. I am grateful for the opportunities I  am now getting to learn new skills, but it has been a challenge to say the least. I am however, always grateful for all the love and support that is shown to us! Thanks for being patient with is as we have adapted to this new change in our life.




Our 5th East Hall Venue 
The new Venue at the Alpine Barn

I have loved learning to do more wedding florals. Its been a challenge, but its fun getting to be creative.
and of coarse, I honestly really love our cakes!!

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