Valentines Day in the Classroom

One reason I LOVE to do Valentines photos, is because I LOVE LOVE LOVE using them for my kids Classroom Valentines Day Cards. We have made this a tradition in our family, and it is something that I just love to do, especially while I still have 2 kids in Elementary school. HOWEVER, Landon informed me that he was too big for photo cards this year…BOO!!! So, that just leaves Lyla! So….we had a super fun “photoshoot” (I’ll post the photos tomorrow) and then I found these adorable foil print cards from! They went perfectly with our little theme, and they were super affordable! We found a box of Ring pops at Target, put them together, and then voi-la … we are done! I hate to say it, I am so burnt out of making a new Valentines box for the classroom every year… so last year I went to Zurchers Party store to see what they had… and I found this adorable “cupcake stand” and it worked perfectly for my little “Princess” to use for her Valentines! So Easy, and so cute… AND sturdy enough that I can re-use it again this year! Yay! I’m all about simplifying where ever I can! I couldn’t find the link to this, but I am sure they still have stuff like this in the store… We kept Landons Valentines super simple this year… and thats ok! He’s totally just as happy with the Star Wars Valentines that I found at Target…When I was looking for Valentines boxes last year, I found this Pinata at Zurchers Party store… cut a slit in the top, and it made a great Valentines box…. AND we are able to re-use it again this year, like we did with Lylas!

I kind of feel like I am confessing how lazy I am being with all this.. but like I said… SIMPLICITY! haha!! And you know what? I will probably never make another Valentines Box EVER again! HAHA! But seriously though, when you can find a few easy tricks like these, why not?! 😉 Also, just had to share a few other little things that I found in the Target dollar section… I thought these heart shaped notebooks and pencils would make for cute Teacher gifts…

So there you go! That’s how I do the classroom Valentines.. Cute, but simple! 🙂

Lylas Classroom card from last year: here

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