New Years Resolutions

I am writing this on January 31st, so since it is technically still January, I hope that it is hopefully still ok to talk about New Years resolutions! haha! One of mine is to get in shape… I don’t normally talk about this subject very openly, and I am very private when it comes to stuff like this. However I have come across a new product that I have been loving and I feel like I wanted to share it with you, in case someone out there is in my same boat.
My fitness journey has been something that I have been aware of my whole life. I have had highs and lows… literally… haha! I am not one of those cute mommas that has been able to bounce back physically (or mentally for that matter), after having my babies. It’s a process. It just takes me a very long time. Like years…. and after 4 kids, I have just learned to except that, and embrace the journey…or at least that’s what I keep reminding myself to do. I had baby Rose 2 years ago, and I am currently still trying to get back in shape…I have been to Doctors, had so many different things tested, and nothing clear has shown up… So then I decided that I needed to be working on my mental game, and learn to embrace myself at this stage of my life and appreciate my body for all that it DOES do, extra curves and all. I am constantly reminding myself of these things, and I’m trying harder to be more grateful for all that my body CAN do and not be so hard on myself when things aren’t “normal”.
So after seeing multiple Doctors and running many tests, about a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with extreme Anemia. Which I have found out since, is hereditary. So that is fun! 😉 It has been so hard for me to do much more above my “normal” with juggling 4 kids and running my business.. Which is one reason I love this new product I have found. WM Nutrition has seriously changed my days, and I have been feeling so much better, and way less “foggy”.
First of all, please know I would not endorse a product unless I had tried it and loved it. I have been using this product for several months now in order to make sure I really liked it and noticed a difference. I even gave samples to friends and family members to see what they thought of it. So with all that, I feel confident giving this review. So here is what I have been doing…I have been starting my days with the Appetite Control Hot Chocolate, the sea salt flavor is AMAZING! I have been adding 2TB of sugar Free creamer, and it really is such a treat! It is only 36 calories with the creamer and only 6 calories without the creamer! It has the ingredient Slendesta, which is a all natural ingredient that is clinically proven to supress the appetite and increase energy. It gives me just enough energy to get going and not feel jittery.

The other product I tried was the Preworkout. About a year ago I saw a blogger endorse the prework out from Costco. I had never tried a “Preworkout” before, but I wanted to see if it would help my energy levels, and instead it made me so jittery and shakey. Then about an hour after trying it, I would crash so HARD. Needless to say, I didn’t like it and I didn’t keep taking it. When I saw WMNutrition advertise theirs using natural ingredients, I felt like I wanted to give the preworkout thing another try. First of all, I actually really like that you can take it like a “Pixie Stick”, which makes it super convenient. Then I feel like it gives me just enough extra energy to get through my workout and I don’t crash afterwards, which I love! I really like it…

I have also tried and loved the AdvantraSlim drink, my favorite flavor is Coconut Lime. I also love the Sleep it Off, which has Melatonin in it, and works great!

So the exciting thing about all this, is that WMNutrition has given my readers a special deal so you can try these things to at 50% off. Just use code: Natallee50 at checkout!!
Give it a try and let me know what you think!! I have honestly been loving them, and they are really helping me stay on track and work towards my goals!

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