Landon turns 12!!

I honestly can’t believe another year has come and gone. When people used to tell me to enjoy every minute, because it goes so fast, I thought I understood what they meant, But the truth is, I had no idea it would go by this fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was cleaning up the endless train tracks and listening to Thomas the train episodes over and over again. I could probably still sing you the theme song if you asked me to. Anyway, time keeps moving forward, and as much as I miss my little boys, I LOVE watching them both blossom into young men. Landon is now 12, and he is excelling in the cello, he’s learning guitar, and he has the sweetest little voice I have ever heard. He loves to Ski, play Legos, use his imagination in any way, and loves to spend time with his family and friends. He has the BEST laugh, which is perfect, because he tells the best jokes and has the best sense of humor! There is so much to love about him!Since Landon Loves Star Wars, I found him this awesome jacket from The Gap, which he LOVED!! 3 Generations!!

We kept it simple for his friend party this year, so I bought some balloons, home made his cake and took him and a few friends cosmic bowling. It was easy and perfect! He got a new Lego set for his Birthday, so he spent most of his day putting that together, which made him so happy. I love the sense of accomplishment that he gets when he completes these, and even though he is getting “big”, I love that he still loves his toys! 😉 The easiest “Donut Cake” for his party!

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