Kids Bathroom

I finally finished the kids bathroom. This may seem like a small task, but you’d be surprised at how many different things I’ve had going on in this bathroom, and I am so glad we finally hit the right spot with it! Plus, I swear everything just takes 4 times as long with 4 kids! So its just taken me longer to wrap it up…. ANYWAY, When we were designing our home plans, we made the choice to have all 4 kids share a bathroom… we did this in hopes that this will teach them to share and be respectful of one another… We will see how that goes as they get older! haha! So we had to decorate it in a style that would accommodate both the boys and the girls… Which can be tricky. But I want both the teen boys and the little girls to feel like this is a space they belong in. I found these adorable initial hooks while we lived in our last house, and I brought them with us to this new house… and then I grabbed the towels last summer when they went on sale. I included the links to the hooks, but the towels are no longer available, but I included some towels that are similar. I’ve always loved hanging cute, uplifting phrases in their bathroom, so they can read them as they get ready for the day! I made these from free printables from Pinterest, and had them printed at ProDigital Photos. Loved this vase I found at Pottery Barn (link below). I found the eucalyptus sprigs at a wholesale place in Salt Lake. If your local and interested in them, shoot me a email or DM, and I will give you the info.I love a good, classic faucet. I chose something that I felt like will not go out of style. So even if I change up the accessories in this space, I am glad I went with more traditional and classic faucets.I also just loved this rug I found! I put the link to it below. I bought the 5×3′ for this bathroom space, and it was just the perfect finishing touch for this space! It always makes me happy when I find something like this that makes the room come together and feel finished. To be honest, this wasn’t one of my favorites spaces when we were done building our home. When the home was finished, I felt like it didn’t come together the way I had hoped… in fact, I think I still want to switch out the light fixtures some day, but its amazing what a few fun accessories can do to a space. Adding the towels, the fresh rug and that darling vase, totally changed my mind about the space, and now I feel totally different about that room. I feel like its just right for my 4 little loves right now, and I love how it all came together…



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