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If you are like me, I always find that January is a great time for cleaning out junk and getting organized. Maybe its because I’m cleaning up Christmas, and I just get in the groove, who knows…? Anyway, we have lived in our home for just about 2 years now. We did all the design of our home ourselves. I have just always loved the design aspect of homes. I love to create and decorate. That being said, I don’t have unlimited funds, especially with 4 busy kids and all that… So we have just had to decorate this new home a little bit at a time. When we were designing the plans for our home, and then later working with the finish carpenter on our home, we knew we wanted the office to have a wall of windows, and French doors. We were so happy with how this design turned out. I have felt like when building a home, that you just want to make sure that it has “good bones”. That way it doesn’t matter how you decorate it or what your style changes into over the years, as the bones of the home are classic.
When we first moved into the house, I found this desk and rug at World Market, that were in the perfect price point. The rug is no longer available, but I added links to similar ones below. Then I recently found some cute baskets for the bottom shelves at target, which I will also add a link to.
I personally think that when styling your bookcases, the philosophy of “more is less” always stands true. I always try to be careful of how many knick backs and random items I put on each shelf. I try to always decorate with the rule of 3’s. This holds true for the book cases too. Haha!
My favorite piece in the office, is this old vintage China hutch that I recently inherited from my Grandma. I feel really lucky to have gotten it, and I can’t help but think of her every time I go in my office now. Its a great reminder while I am spending hours in my office, that my grandma was one of the most hardworking and strongest women I have ever known, and I would love to be a little more like her. Its a blessing to have a physical reminder of her in my “workspace”…. Anyway, I will admit that the china hutch is very unique looking and at first we talked about the possibility of painting it or refinishing it somehow, but I am actually really loving the vintage vibe it gives in there. I tried to give it a little bit more of a modern feel, by adding the books backwards. I know it is a little bit of a trend to do this right now, but I love the clean look of the simple pages of a book…
Ok, so there you have it. a little taste of one of the only finished rooms in our home. I would love to continue to photograph different spaces as we work on them… But it is nice to have this one done!

Natural Basket Weave Jute Rug

Charcoal Gray Jute Boucle Area Rug

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