Family Valentines Dinner

Happy Valentines Day!!

So we have a tradition in our family, that if Valentines falls on a Sunday or a weeknight, that we make a “Fancy” Family Valentines dinner. My husband, Dylan usually will cook for us (Which I LOVE), and I set a little table and get little treats for the kids…After all, they are our sweethearts too!! 😉 I actually really love making it a family day. I want each of my kiddos to know that they are loved, and this is one way that I can show them this…I actually remember doing this with my parents when we were growing up, and it made me feel so special, and I hope my kids can appreciate it someday too 🙂 I loved that my mom would set a fancy table, and show us her love in that way…Not to mention, I always loved it when my dad would cook for us! He is a GREAT cook, and lucky for me, Dylan is too!! The kids always love it when we pull out the sparkling cider! Simple pleasures, right? 😉This photo was not staged… Just the hubby being cute! My love for entertaining and setting a nice table definitely comes from my Mother and Grandmothers. Growing up, My mom would always set a nice table for Sunday dinners and holidays(She still does this).  When she was alive, My grandma had created a long table in her home, and set it with flowers, China and silverware for every family gathering. There was about 30-35 of us at this table at any given event, and that was not a small feat! I always knew that those dinners were special, and my Grandma wanted us to experience a nice meal together. I loved how she loved it, and now I really love it as well. It means a lot to me to set a nice table and have my guests feel like they are getting special treatment. 😉 I feel like family meal time is so important. I love having conversations, and spending time around the table… it just helps me feel connected! I’m still building up my collection of dining ware, and it seems like I can never find a full set of silverware… I swear silverware is like the socks in the laundry… they just seem to disappear! Anyway, for my birthday last year, I asked for this new set of pink plates from Anthroplogie, and the white plates from West Elm. Then for Christmas I asked for the new gold flatware from West Elm. I just love them all so much, it makes me happy to use them any chance I can get!! I’ve linked them all down below…

and I know, I know…I ask for “non-traditional” stuff for birthdays and holidays, we still laugh about the birthday (or two) that I asked for trees for the yard 😉I usually get all my fresh Roses from Costco. They are always beautiful, and affordable. When I need something specific, I have a friend who owns a florist business, and can order me stuff…but other than that, Costco seems to work for little things like this! I personally feel like adding fresh flowers to your home in anyway, is one of the best ways to elevate your mood. How can you be grumpy walking by something so beautiful? It’s kind of ridiculous how proud this photo makes me! As I was photographing the table, and this daughter of mine, the one that was the hardest little one to photograph, stepped right into the shot, and said “Mom, take my picture at the table” haha! Seriously, you have NO idea how hard it was for her to LOOK at the camera AND smile… all at the SAME TIME! So yes, this totally made my day… I even love that she looks like a little Martha Stewart! Seriously love her! This little one wanted to be in on all the action too… Whatever her big sister does, she has to do too!!


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