Balloon Garland Tutorial

I have always wanted to figure out how to do a balloon garland. They look so cute on Pinterest, but I always assumed they were really hard, and expensive. I hosted a baby shower for my sister, and it was the perfect opportunity to try one. I looked up several tutorials on Pinterest, and some of them were really complicated. But I found some ideas, and then just made it up as I went along. So I thought I would share what I figured out, so that you can try one too!!

First, let me preface by saying that I have never done a tutorial before, so if I botch it, I am really sorry!! But hopefully this is a easy enough project, that it will be ok…. haha!! 😉
OK, so the first thing you need to do is get a few supplies. You are going to need a ballon pump. I bought this one for $20 from amazon, and it is awesome!! It blows the balloons up so fast. You don’t need a helium machine, jut regular air balloon pump. I guess you could blow the balloons up yourself, but the pump was cheap and super fast! Well worth the $20. Plus I plan on using it again 🙂

So beyond the ballon pump, you will need some fishing wire, a needle, a couple of removable command hooks and some clear shipping tape. All of these supplies are pretty cheap.

The final thing you need is the balloons. I bought 3 different sizes, and just blew them up to all different sizes. With something like this, the more random the sizes are the better. I bought a couple big 36″ sized ones, a pack of 18″, and then the rest were just 12″ blown up at different sizes. You can get all your balloons on amazon, but I know the dollar store and party stores sell balloons too. Then, you just need to choose your color palette, or use all one one color. I used different versions of white. I had plain white, pearl and clear, then added 3-4 light blue ones for a accent…

So next you blow up all the balloons… my kids loved this part! Whats better then a room full of balloons to chase around? Right??

Then when you are ready, hang your command hooks where you want to tie up your garland. I love these, because you can put them strait on your wall, and they are strong enough to hold the balloons, and easy to remove afterwards. So after you place your hooks, you measure the length of the area where you are going to hang your balloon garland, and cut your fishing wire about 5 feet longer than that. Try to account in for it not being perfectly strait either, so definitely cut the wire on the long side. Its always easier to trim it at the end, than add more. Although I’m sure its not hard to tie the wire together and add more if you need to either. Ok, so after you cut it …leave about a foot on the end, and tie a knot on one end of the the wire. On the other end, you thread your needle, like you were going to sew something…. Then you sew your needle though the tail (tie) of each balloon.

Thread a balloon on, and push it all the way down to the end of the wire where your knot is. Then you just alternate balloon sizes and colors how want, and keep pushing them all the way down to the end. You can put on as many balloons as you want. The more balloons you bunch on there, the thicker your garland will be. Then when you are done, tie a knot, and leave about a foot of wire loose, like you did on the other end. You will use these ends to tie up the garland to your command hooks. And thats it!! You tie it up so it looks good to you, and you’re done!! If you feel like some areas are sparse or need to be thickened up, blow up some extra balloons, and tape them onto your garland with the shipping tape. Thats it!! You did it! I did add some helium letters to my display, but you definitely don’t need to do that. I also added some greenery, but thats optional too. Seriously, this was so all easy, I will forsure be doing it again!

18″ Balloon

Winter Ice Fishing Line

Large Command Hooks

36″ Balloons

Electric Balloon Inflator

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