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Rosie Birthday Party

In case you missed my previous post on making balloon Garlands, I am completely obsessed. Here’s a link to my tutorial on it a couple of months ago. Anyway, we had so much fun making this one for Miss Rose’s Party, and she of coarse LOVED it! But I guess I am still having a…

Baby Rose turns 3!

ok, this post might be several months late, but you know, as I said in my last post… things have been busy. But I hate passing up these cute photos of my little babe! Her dress is from my fav TuTu Du Monde

Where did I go?

Where have I been? I have even been asking myself that! I started 2018 with a vision and new path that I was going to take with my life, and then life ended up having a different path for me. haha! I started the year with lots of personal care goals, and fun ideas for…

Bedroom remodel/ Before and Afters

When we built our house, Cameron decided he wanted to do grey stripes in his room. We had this on his walls in our last house, and he wanted his new room to look just like his old one. However, It just never looked right to me in this new space, and the gray made…

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